PKT-Visio Oy

Tuloksellista Yhteistyötä

PKT-Visio Oy helps SME companies to address and find solutions for their critical development needs in the business management. The company focuses on providing PRACTICAL and the most cost effective solutions for these needs.

The company is a brand and technology independent operator in the market. Therefore PKT-Visio Oy can assist neutrally customers to select, and implement modern management tools that serve all their needs the most efficiently.

PKT-Visio Oy knows well the needs and requirements SME sector companies have today in Finland, in particular what comes to digitalization of management tools in SMEs.

We emphasize easiness of the use, ”pay as you go”- cost models as well as time, location and user independent utilization of the management support systems.

Today, we continuously advise Customers in various business fields, how to select and implement/ migrate most effectively internet based online services, such as; company e-mail, company www-site, online store, invoicing & accounting systems, CRM/ ERP etc. in their existing infrastructure.

PKT-Visio Oy also provides interim management services for companies facing shortages in their management resources. We are flexible and ready to face all kind of management challenges. Find more information about our background here

Furthermore, PKT-Visio Oy is an active partner in Liikkeenjohdon asiantuntijakeskus ry (LAKry, business network. The network consists of more than 30 companies working on various business development fields. Operation of the network is well organized and coordinated. The network provides additional resources (expertise and manpower) for the members on-demand basis.